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Phone Tarot Reading

Get a Phone Tarot Reading by
Astrologer Diane Cramer, M.S., NCGR IV

Diane Cramer is a certified (NCGR) consulting astrologer, lecturer and teacher in all aspects of astrology in New York City. She is an expert in the various disciplines of astrology including natal chart interpretation, long-term forecasts, solar return interpretation, and chart comparison.

Diane specializes in teaching and writing about medical astrology and nutrition and is the author of four books: Managing Your Health & Wellness, How to Give an Astrological Health Reading, Dictionary of Medical Astrology, and Medical Astrology Let The Stars Guide You to Good Health. She prepares health readings based on the natal chart.

Diane has a BA in English, Speech and Journalism from the University of Florida and Masters and post-Masters degrees in Education from Hunter College in New York City. She is certified Level IV by the National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.(NCGR). Diane is a member of the education faculty of the NCGR in New York City. Her articles on medical astrology are published in both the NCGR Journal and the AFA Bulletin as well as the Uranian Journal of the Uranian SIG. She has also been featured in Dell Horoscope.

½ Hour Tarot Reading… $45

1 Hour Tarot Reading… $90


Complete Natal Chart Reading with Forecast:
This is a comprehensive interpretation of your natal birth chart and will include an analysis of your character and temperament, mental abilities, skills and interests, your attitude and needs in relationships, vocational abilities and suitable professions, habit patterns and your strengths and weaknesses. Includes a personalized one hour reading on a cassette tape or we can e-mail your reading as an MP3 file. PLUS a one half-year individually typed forecast (not computer generated).
Purchase Price: $175.00

Solar Return Interpretation:
This is an interpretation of your solar return for the upcoming year. The solar return gives an overview of the year ahead – from birthday to birthday. The chart is erected for your location on your birthday and can give you a theme for the year as well as the months of various activities during the year. Over one-half hour on cassette tape or we can e-mail your reading as an MP3 file. We use precession-corrected solar returns for greater accuracy. Purchase Price: $100.00

Relationship Reading:
Complete LOVE analysis for each of you. You get three horoscopes: your chart, their chart, the Relationship Chart (the two of you together). Also included a chart comparison (Synastry). The reading is on a cassette tape or we can e-mail your reading as an MP3 file. Purchase Price: $185.00

Predictive Reading:
A six-month forecast of upcoming events, important days, major planetary cycles and more. You get a typed report with further explanation on cassette tape or we can e-mail your reading as an MP3 file. This includes daily, weekly, and monthly information. Relevant cycles beyond the six-month period are explained. This will be useful to you for planning business appointments, social engagements and other activities and to understand present and future conditions. Purchase Price: $115.00

Health Reading:
A complete interpretation of your natal chart in terms of health. The reading includes strengths and weaknesses in your body, proneness to specific types of disorders, nutritional information, treatment information and more. Though medical astrology cannot diagnose disease it is a valuable tool for pointing out problem areas your body so that you can nourish these area and build them up. Purchase Price: $200.00

Diane Cramer is HIGHLY recommended by Meg. Her readings are LOADED with information!

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