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Oracle CardsMeg’s positive, inspirational and healing messages with her art


Oracle Deck Instructions

My wish for you is to enjoy the positive, inspirational and healing messages in these oracle cards. Allow the energy to flow into your heart and soul throughout your day. You can start or restart your day at anytime. Simply by pulling out a card, know the message you received is just what you need in your present moment.

Soak it up… Feel it…  Just know…

Reflect upon the image I’ve painted in your mind. This is only the beginning of your journey…
Enjoy and let the magic begin!

You will see the greatness in your life unfold! I am blessed to help you connect with your divine energy.

Watch as astrologer Diane Cramer, M.S., and my dear friend Rena use my oracle deck to get the answers to their questions:

With love and gratitude,