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Past Events

Imbolc with Zita, Feb. 7

Crystal And Smudge Workshop

Samhain with Zita

August 14th, Celebrate Lammas with Meg and Zita

Summer Solstice, with Zita Christian on June 20th

Jewelry Trunk Show

Magic of Beltane

Spring Equinox with Zita Christian – March 20th

Santa is Coming to Meg’s

Winter Solstice, December 9th

A Celebration of the Winter Solstice

With Zita Christian

“Light is returning, even though this is the darkest hour:     No one can hold back the dawn”….  From “Light is Returning” by Charlie Murphy /


We’ve spent the last six months in increasing degrees of darkness.
All that changes now!


Join us to celebrate the return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice.  The Winter Solstice is one of the four great turning points of the astrological year. Yule is the celebration that derived from the season. Together, they carry the theme of light returning, of the birth of the sun, and the symbolism of eternal life in the evergreen wreath.  Look back at the darkness. It’s time to reflect, assess, and discard. Look forward to the light. It’s time to give birth and renew. Join us as Zita helps us turn the Wheel of Life into the season of light.


Date: Sunday, December 9th
Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Cost: $15