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Meg’s Musings

Sending out Positive Vibes of Love, Light, and Hope

Together, as we all pray for Hope and Healing, feel it in your heart and know it for sure that our thoughts and prayers are heard and soon will be answered.
That’s the power of intention.
 Feeling and knowing…
Then, trusting it.
I miss everyone and know that we will be together soon- laughing and sharing stories.
Tomorrow is Tuesday, April 7.
 It’s a full moon, super moon; Also 7 is God’s number.
The moon is in the sign of Libra, which is a kind, loving, and uplifting energy. As we are seeing in so many creative and thoughtful people sharing their talents.
Don’t forget to place all of your crystals outside to charge and cleanse them.
Also, write down the ten things that you need to get rid of and let go out of your thoughts and body.
Write ten things down on your paper using blue ink, fold toward you three times, light a candle, then ignite your paper in the flame and do not revisit. Completely release and let it go.
Know in your heart that when you completely let go…
Many incredible things happen.
I’m here for you, always, even though I can’t be open I can send you out any merchandise or tools that you may need: gifts, cards for a birthday, etc.
Just email me at
Hugs and health,

Communicate with your Angels

Since everyone is stuck at home, here are a few great tools to calm our minds and to communicate with our angels.

These are great angelic tools to use to keep us positive and to lift our spirits.

-Free shipping or pick up
-All these items are less than $20
-I am just an email away

With grace and gratitude,

Grateful Hearts

I felt the need to paint hearts to hang in my store. For all of our medical people, doctors and first responders to say how grateful we are for you…

You can do the same at your home and work, be creative with you and your family, they will feel the Love! ❤️ Meg

Love is Our Savior

Create your own healing altar; we created a sample focusing on love.

Love conquers fear. Ask Archangel Raphael and God for His healing prayers at these trying times.

Surround yourself with Rose quartz- it will calm your emotions.

I truly miss everyone, our tribe will gather again soon.

Sit in front of a selenite lamp if you have one. It will calm your mind.

Hold your intentions in your heart and your mind.
Love is our savior.

Just When the Butterfly Thought the World was Over…

Hi everyone,
As we embrace Change…
Reflect on this beautiful butterfly for a moment…
What does it make you think of ?
This amazing, beautiful, creature had courage to break through the cocoon that it was so very comfortable in…
Unraveling its wings for the first time into the unknown world.
It brings hope in these trying times to reflect on the butterfly in all of us.
Know that miracles lie in the unknown…
Prayers of love and hope for you and your loved ones.
Know that we will manifest health for everyone.
We have amazing healers and caretakers in our world.
I miss everyone!
If any one needs anything, I’m an email away.
Love and grace,

Sending You Love from Meg’s

Love is the Strongest Force in the Universe
Love and Laughter Fuel our Souls
Love Conquers Our Fear
When in doubt, pause, and focus on five things that you are truly grateful for.
Write them down and reflect upon them.
Today is a new moon,
 a perfect time to write down the ten intentions that we need to manifest in these difficult times.
Write down the ten wishes, fold the paper three times towards you, and burn them.
Focus on the intentions in your mind and heart, knowing they are heard.
Say out loud,
“All is well, we are Safe”
The Store
To all of my wonderful friends and customers,
If you need anything in my shop, you can email me your order at and I can ship it out to you, no extra charge.
I can make arrangements for the time that works for both of us to pick it up at my shop and have it ready at the door so that we can stay healthy and get through this.
I will let you all know when the store reopens.
Stay Healthy,

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


Wishing you Love, Laughter, and Health…

From my heart to yours.

Make every day your special holiday!

You deserve it!




Northbound on the Margarita, Happy Memorial Day !

 Ed and I are in route traveling back to our home port, Mystic

We got a late start do to when we arrived at our boat sat night, May 25.
I said Ed, the canvas top is not done.
The men had to refit  the canvas so they took it back to there business, unknown to us we thought it was all set.

Ed said, Meg let’s get some food and you can Tex Gustavo to see what is going on.
I’m not worried, let’s go enjoy ourselves.
The next morning I called Gustavo and he promised us, no worries he will have three of his men finish the job. He was very sympathetic to me and such a gentleman explaining he didn’t know we were leaving.

Wow, they worked all day on the top in the 90 degree heat, on a Sunday and a Memorial Day weekend just so we could get on way.

Amazing, awesome and so grateful I will highly recommend his company, as well as the work came out beautiful.
With no bitching at all, just worked at the job diligently.

We go on way Memorial Day!

Wow, it was awesome seeing so many people all along Florida’s waterway have a blast, it was a ten.

I never tire of looking at all these beautiful homes on ICW, it was wild thou, one glass mic mansion had a sports car in their living room. Most people have grand pianos.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I started cracking up, it must be what he made his wealth with.

The first night Ed and I made it to Vero beach where we anchored out among the stars and watched the fire ball go down, made a great dinner and enjoyed it in the cockpit.

Day 2. We were on way again, dolphins, dolphins, and more dolphins…
Love it !

We had to fuel up in Titusville, OMG, while we were fueling up and the love bugs came out in full force, I had no idea what they were, just  know they are called , love bugs.
I remember when we rented a car in Florida and they told us that we are responsible for the car paint if the love bugs hit the car.
I asked girlfriend, Lorraine, who is a bug professor at Uconn, what’s a love bug and she said, their is no such thing.
Well I guess they are here now and in the spring in Florida they are in full force.
I know that they don’t bite, they just mate and die, and they eat your car paint and they love fuel too.

I guess the government of Florida created them to fight the misquote problem, which didn’t work and now they have love bugs.
Two weeks ago it was way, way worse as we were told.

Ed said, let’s get out of here, we got on way again and Ed said, we have to wash this boat, let’s go to a marina.

So we decided to go to New Smyrna and get a slip.

We checked out this town, got some food and decided to go on the outside .
The inlet getting out was short and the seas were good for the run.
It’s a ten hour run.

We got ready to get off the dock and as I went to help Ed with the power cord, he said, meg the dock hand had it dropped between the metal piling and the dock, which was rusted steel on all parts, rubbing against our power chord .

Thank god it didn’t start a fire.
Ed got a huge metal pipe off of the boat as I slowly pulled it out of the jammed in dock.

I really don’t know why they don’t train dock hands at marinas.
Just another lesson for us, check some one else’s work, always.

We are off shore and it’s a ten, prayers it continues like this, we saw a huge sea turtle directly in front of our boat.

I was psyched, Bert form our marina just called me and when I hung up the phone,
The huge turtle presented itself.
Continue the prayers for calm seas.
I love it.
Enjoy the pics.
Sea you soon,
Meg and Ed 

Southbound 2018 on the Margarita

Hi everyone,
 Ed, John and I left finally the mystic river marina on sat. November 3, which was my birthday.

We got off the dock in the dark and the seas were calm, as we traveled into Long Island sound it was a beautiful morning.

Ed quickly had to steer our boat out of the way of a six foot leatherback turtle swimming directing on top of the ocean and swimming toward our boat.
I was so psyched , it was huge and l thought that it was the best birthday gift Mother Earth could of sent to me.

As we traveled down the sound, the wind just kept getting worse and worse and really bad.
I mean gusts up to 55 miles an hour and the waves got crazy.
They were 11 ft to 12 ft and coming from all directions and just relentless.
White caps everywhere.
It was so testing on my nerves, even thou,

I always say, if your not living on the edge, your taking up too much space.
I was really living in the edge this day.

We were the only ones out in it other then a huge freighter on the port side of us.
Ed decided that we better work our way into port jeff, the winds and waves just kept building and building.
It really proved to me how well this boat handled all of the waves.
It was a very long approach to get in and we all worked really hard trying find the entrance to the inlet.
The white caps didn’t allow for us to see very well at all.

Ed spotted the ferry leaving Port Jeff heading out and we all kept out eyes on the entrance, as we looked for the single marker to go around before heading in. 
It was testing our nerves.

Well we got in and it was blowing really hard, just not giving us a break.
Just kept building and building.
We hailed a marina and these two dock boys wanted us to go into a corner slip with another boat.
The wind was so crazy, I told them, it’s not going to happen, it’s way too windy,
We are docking in this slip.

They had no idea, what we just went through.
We were all grateful to have docked and were safe.
We arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon.
Ed said, he has never ever seen the sound this crazy in his life.

Four other guys tucked in here as well, they came from Greenport and they couldn’t believe the sound either. They left on Friday morning and it was relentless as well.
Had a fabulous birthday dinner in port Jeff and , yes I got to burn my wishes too.

Day 2, Sunday Nov. 4
Headed out at 7:00am, wow, it was a lot calmer and a lot less stressful today.
we were entering New York, east river, I told Ed , there are two boats coming up fast and furious on your port side with no radio contact, as I was yelling they better not blast by us this close.

They hailed us on the radio, Margareta , this is , Anthony’s way, I started cracking up , it was Rob Mannarino and his brother Todd on, Ryno. They are from our marina 
Two brother, both heading to Stuart, fl.
They run faster then us so they cruised by us.

East river was beautiful, I love that ride, it still just takes my breathe away…
I asked Todd how was the jersey shores ?
he came back, 
like a lake…
Well we got out in it and it was amazing and a blessing the jersey shore was like a lake and we ran hard all day.
I spotted a huge whale blow, it was so awesome.
We drove late into the pitch black night, you could see Atlantic City all lit up like a movie for hours. It was wild seeing it from the wide open ocean, a huge building with a movie screen running. Tons of colors, really cool.

Then as the night came on us the waves started to build.
We entered the cape May inlet at about 10:00 pm and the wind was relentless again, we had to anchor and it was really tough to grab, do to the wind and current.
Second time we grabbed, this was at 10:30 at night.

A single sailboat was behind us, no lights on his sailboat, really…

In the middle of the night, the anchor dragged and we had to reset it.
It was crazy, but we did it. Wind was still howling.

All around us were more boats, they must have tucked in as the night went on, do to the conditions.
We cruised 175 miles this day, do to , we knew this front was coming in, wind and rain, Ed was trying to get front of it.

Day 3 Monday 
Woke up to a really dreary morning raining and foggy, again.
Like I always say, everything always looks better in the sun, like everything tastes better with bacon…

We all agreed let’s poke our head out into the Delaware river and see how it is.
As we were leaving Todd, came on the radio and said are you guys heading out, please let us know how it is out there.

Well it was another long and rough going , but Ed steered this boat like a race car,
He couldn’t use the auto pilot, do to the huge swells were pushing the boat 20 degrees each way.
Every boater we talked to on our journey, complained about the same problem with the auto pilot.
A lot of following seas, hard to steer.

Fog kept rolling in and out and rain, 
huge ships and barges just kept passing by us.
Just like two ghosts passing in the night.

We got reservations at Schaffer’s for dockage and fuel.
When we docked two characters started telling us all of these crazy stories, they came from Manhattan, heading to the keys and how they were cruising all night in 11 foot seas, they witnessed a sailboat taking on water out in the jersey shores and had to help them out until the coastguard came. We called those two characters , 
The fast and furious.
All of us said, why did they have to share that negative story with us…and wow, what were they on…

Day. 3
We headed out at 8:55am, and , the fast and furious boys were still sleeping.
All of the boats at the dock were in route.
We were cracking up over the fast and furious boys are probably still sleeping…

As we headed down the C & D canal, we saw eagles perched on every telephone pole as well as the navigational beacon lights, it was so cool and so awesome.they were just hanging out on watch.
Another gloomy day of running, but we kept chugging along out into the Chesapeake bay.
Todd and his brother tucked into Annapolis we headed to Solomon island.
We got onto Solomon Yaughting center and the sky’s lightened and lit up with huge pink colors, and really warm.

I’ll take it pink skies at night, sailors delight.

Day, 5, 
Today is our 31 wedding anniversary and yes, the Chesapeake Bay is glass and the sunrise was magical. Everyone is laughing at me, do to , they know I hate to wake up really early. I watched the fireball rise, love it.

We pulled off the dock at 6am this morning in pitch black, the  stars were magical.

I radioed Todd, to let him know, get going, it’s a bonus out here, it’s like a lake, love it.
Sunny, warm and beautiful.
They are heading to Coinjock, Ed has to refuel and we don’t run as fast as those guys.
So just slow and steady.

My latest saying is, 
Life Begins @ the end of your comfort zone…
This journey has tested my comfort zone.
But life is a journey and we all have to live it.
Keep us in your protection prayers.

Calm seas, and no more wind!
Love and besos,
Meg and Ed


August 12, 2018

My mom loved to spend her time in Watch Hill, RI and at
the beach.
My mom and dad bought a house down there and loved to
spend time there every weekend.
Ed and I were cruising on our boat this past Sunday
just past the Watch Hill, RI lighthouse.
I was thinking about how much time I spent with my mom
on that beach, all great memories, shopping and going to

dinner with her every Monday…
Then a beautiful monarch butterfly started to flutter all around us, and near me.
I said, “Ed did you see that… Wow, unreal”.
As we watched it flying with us, she decided to spin around and land on our boat as we
were traveling in the same direction. It held on to the bolt under the wind shield.

I was so blown away with this; she hung on for over an hour.
I wanted to go swimming, so as we approached an area called, Rams Island.
She said, “thanks Ed, I always loved when you brought me for a short ride on your
I know how much we all Love the ocean…
It feeds our soul…
Wow, it was so special and I loved the visit…
The signs are all around us, if you just pay attention…
You know what I’m talking about…

Love you,