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Meg’s Musings

My messenger returns

I’m so excited this morning when I went to close the shades in our living room,

i spotted my red tail just sitting on the grass hanging out.

she is huge and beautiful , I grabbed the camera and shot a picture of her.

when she took flight I asked for a feather and walked over to the spot she was in and nothing.

I  will receive a feather when she is ready to gift me one, in the mean time I will reflect on her message.

i love my totems.img_4517.jpg









My messenger

Wow, what an amazing greeting of my red tail tail, I can’t wait for my message. Omg, a red tail just flew by my window as we speak and then landed on St. Brights church. I love it…

March 9th, New Moon and Intentions

Tonight is the Solar eclipse and New moon.

With a moon in pieces; set your ten  intentions on parchment paper, light your candle, burn it in the flame and Let the magic begin…



Blessings and gratitude,


Full moon this Sat. Dec. 6 !


Awesome, Glow in the dark tees and sweatshirts just arrived to celebrate the  full moon this sat, don’t forget to write down 10 things you want to let go of and enjoy!

Mosquito’s Abound! Natural Solutions Are Here!

Most mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk but there are also mosquitoes that seek hosts during the day. You can avoid being bitten by making sure you:

1) Are using a repellent.
2) Aren’t attracting the pesky insects and
3) Avoiding actions that diminish the effectiveness of the repellent.


Mosquito Attractants:  
  • Dark clothes and plant foliage are initial attractants.  
  • In addition to perfumes, hair products, and scented sunscreens, watch for the subtle floral fragrance from fabric softeners and dryer sheets.  
  • Mosquitoes are attracted by perspiration because of the chemicals it contains and also because it increases the humidity around your body. Even small amounts of water (e.g., moist plants or standing water) will draw mosquitoes.


Natural Repellents:
Natural products will aide in repelling mosquitoes but they require frequent reapplication (at least every 1 hour).  Products that contain multiple repellents tend to be more effective than those containing a single ingredient.  For example:

Cedar Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Rosemary Oil
Citronella Oil
Clove Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Peppermint Oil
Geranium Oil

*Put several drops of the oil(s) in with distilled water place in a glass spray bottle, shake and spray away! The 1 or 2 ounce spray bottles are perfect for personal use!
To use as an ADDITIONAL natural repellent try:

Sister Sky Cedar Citrus and more products are offered in Meg’s Stores, check here to view other great Sister Sky products.

Enjoy the Summer Fun!