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Meg’s Stories

Cat Scratch Fever

September 17, 2012

I sat at our kitchen counter writing out a card to my angelic husband, Ed, for his birthday. Sambucca was sitting next to me, when all of a sudden she started going crazy scratching the window. She was on her hind legs hissing and just going wacko, clawing the glass. Continue reading

A Personal Note From Meghan

August 3rd, 2012

Meg offered to give me a ride home after working at her store. As I opened her car door, I was not surprised to see that Meg carried a giant broomstick right in the center of her car.

Now, I’m used to Meg saying things long before they actually happen, telling me when to be cautious because ‘the moon is in Retrograde’, and revealing shockingly accurate specks of insight…

But now I’m a little suspicious that Meg might actually be a witch. A good witch!

Like those ones you see in movies, who fly around on broomsticks and cast spells and inspire people and help those is need. I’m not sure if there are actually any witches like that ever in movies… but that is Meg. The good witch.

Only Meg would drive around with a broomstick in her car!

Angel Wings in a Cup

The Creativity & Expressions Workshop with the Angels, hosted by Vanessa and myself on July, 18, 2012, was absolutely amazing. We all left the workshop feeling inspired and more in-touch with our angels.

Here are some of the beautiful creations made in this workshop:

While cleaning up from the workshop, we poured out a cup of water that we were using for the paint, and found THIS was at the bottom of the cup! Can you see the angel wings?

Birds of Prey

This video will TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!!!

How blessed are we to live in the Land of The Free…

Raphael’s Sign

Meg’s Baby Raccoon & Blue Jays

Look who showed up in my yard!


June 26th, 2012

Look who popped by on Saturday! Way too long, girlfriends!

Many Messages

May 14, 2012

What an amazing day that I had. I ran to a pilattes class in Glastonbury and when I was heading to the highway my red tailed hawk was on the top of the cross. I pulled over and had to talk to my red tail as well as soak up all of the strength and courage. When I got home after class I was taking the scrap vegetables to the compost and a cute toad was in my garden of pansies around my Buddha. I started laughing asking, “Where did you come from?”

Continue reading

TV Interview with Zita Christian

The Creatures of Key West

 Here are the pictures I was talking about!