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About Me

My birth name is Margaret DiPietro, given to me by my mother in memory of her grandmother, which she always said I reminded her of. Now that I am married, I added Peterson to my name. But everyone calls me Meg.

I am an entrepreneur of twenty years, and owner of Meg’s, an inspirational and spiritual boutique filled with all the tools to heal your body and mind. My entire life I have always surrounded my journey with art, dance, and nutrition. Those are my gifts that keep me centered.

I love losing myself when I’m either painting or creating another media of art from my flower and vegetable gardens, stained glass, jewelry making or tap dancing. Whatever direction I choose to be in, it always goes back to art, dance or cooking. My brush is my instrument that allows my energy and enthusiasm to flow through me, allowing the beauty to come out. My store Meg’s is surrounded with my art, and I love to share my journey with the world. I do so in my one-of-a-kind magnets, mugs, prints, and bookmarks. I’ve captured the moment with positive messages of inspiration for people to put on their fridge and start their day with a positive affirmation to fill their mind with the beauty and love we all have!

Stop by my store or call 860-649-9941

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Love and gratitude,