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Happy Fourth of July

 To all of our veterans and military people who served our country and who are still in service…
To all who are here and to those who are forever in our hearts…
To all of the wives, husbands, and families that had to carry on while their loved ones were so far away…
Thank you for your service.
I am grateful to live in the USA, land of opportunity and freedom.
We are strong Warriors,Not Worriers !
We are opportunists and hopeful seekerswho live for Faith, Love, Freedom, Unity, and Forgiveness.
God Bless America !
Stay healthy and safe during this holiday weekend.
Don’t forget July 5 is a full moon.Place all of your crystals out to charge them.Write down those ten things that you need to let go of.Write them down in blue ink,Fold the paper three times toward you,Light your candle and burn them.Do not revisit them.
Let it go…
Happy manifesting.
Prayers for Peace,Meg

Please note I will be closed Sat. July 4 through Thursday July 9