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Laughter Heals our Hearts

Hi everyone,
 Our wren returned this past Sunday; she decided to move into our chickadee house that we had built over the winter.
 I guess she liked the two story accommodations of the chickadee house plans… way more room for such a tiny bird!

The wrens just crack me up.When they arrive, they never stop talking to each other along with nonstop moving, zipping all around. What wild energy they have.
This tiny bird talks from dawn to dusk.
They truly take your breath away.

In medieval times in Europe, the Virgin Mary had a wren for her bird pet.
If you ever get a chance to hear one for yourself, you too will be laughing. Laughter heals our hearts.

I’m still waiting for our hummers to return from the South.
This morning, our Baltimore Orioles arrived too, wow, the color orange is so magical and stunning to the eye.
They love the grape jam that I put out for them along with the suet.I am so blessed to see my feathered friends arrive each year.
The fact that they fly from such long distances just blows my mind with the wonder of it all.

When you least expect it, you too will be granted a magical moment with your air messengers.
It keeps us light and it’s such a gift.

I love these words from Rumi…
 “I want to sing like the birds sing, Not worrying about who hears or what they think.”-Rumi

Oh yes, this Thursday is a full moon, you know what to do…Let go, Let goAnd let it all go.Charge your crystals with a powerful intention.The full moon is in Scorpio: idealism, ambition and determination.

Grace and gratitude,