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Receive Your Message from Nature

Hi everyone,

  Every time you spot your red tail hawk, know in your heart that this messenger is hearing your prayer request.

Feel it and Know…

Hawks are messengers and protectors that present themselves  fo our eyes to see.

I know a lot of you always share with me that you spotted a hawk today and ask, what does this mean.

When the hawk presents themselves to you, know in your heart that their is a message coming your way.

What ever your working on, your the only one that knows the question…

Pay close attention on receiving your answer and never over think it.

That’s what us two leggeds do , think, rethink and think some more, let that go.

Just stay out of your head and go with your heart and know…

Pay close attention on receiving your answer.

Your answer may come on the side of the city bus that had a billboard on the side of it with an ad, with words or a picture.

Or a song that was playing at the time you saw the bird.

It may come from someone who just rang you on the phone to tell you a story, Or a token that was sent to you in the mail.

Maybe a card that you just read with words that wowed you.

You will receive your answer when you are ready and open to receive it.

Be patient…

Be calm and just Know…

You will receive the answer in some type of form, it will come.

The Hawk is a sign of Hope and New Ideas.

The hawk is know to be the messenger of the gods.

It communicates to the great spirit, source, god, angels who ever you pray to.

Inspiring all of us to Know that our prayers are being heard.

Look at all of the red tails that have presented themselves to us.

They soar to great heights and return to us with a feeling of Calm and Wow energy.

The red tail is also know as the red eagle.

The earth today is silent and all of the animals sense the calmness.

Just look at the dolphins, they were spotted in Venice waters.

When your outside walk in beauty my friends…

Bask in the calmness and silence like the animals.

I’m only an email away for any one needing anything.

Can’t wait to see everyone again and share hugs and stories.

For the moment,

prayers for all of our Doctors, Nurses, EMT,s essential workers and others  working to keep us going.

With love and light,