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Manifest Your Desires on Earth Day

Hi everyone,
 Just a reminder that today, Wednesday, April 22, 2020 is a new moon and Earth Day.

Write down those ten intentions and Desires…
Know in your heart and mind that they are already manifested.
When you truly align with your guides, Angels, God, source, higher power, or whomever you connect with, feel that energy as already manifested.
The moon enters Taurus, a resourceful and patient sign.
The moon is void until 3:36 pm, so do this after that time for stronger results.

I love my customer who I had to meet at my shop on Saturday; her name is Rose Wright.
She is a fireball of energy at 88 years old, and makes me laugh.
Rose is such an inspiration to me. This is what she said, “You know Meg, my name is Rose Wright and I’m always Wright even when I’m wrong.”

Blessings are all of the wonderful people in our lives to laugh with.
I miss everyone…
Love is our our strongest for in the universe!

May your heart be filled with love,