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A Mantra for Peace

Om Mani Padme Hum
May there be peace

Reciting this mantra brings you calm and peace in your heart and mind.
Whether we say an Affirmation, Prayer, or a mantra, know they are being heard…

We are all planting our seeds in our subconscious minds and we all need to keep repeating them over and over to the universe.

I love connecting with archangel Raphael. I have shared this with so many people, I thought you may enjoy a few positive ways that work for me.
 Archangel Raphael, sits closest to God with all of the other angels.

“Raphael” means “God heals”. He is also associated with physical healing, emotional, and spiritual problems.

Talk to him out loud; he is the element of air.

It’s our Breath, he hears us when we speak out loud… Raphael’s element is air
If you hear your chimes ringing, that is a message that he is present and hears your prayer request.
If the wind kicks up, it’s a sign, he is present.
We all saw that crazy wind and rain the other day. I feel that is a sign, even though it makes everyone a little nervous, especially our animals and our mind.

Remember any thought or concern in your mind that you need an answer to. Just ask out loud.
Light a green candle for healing, as Raphael’s color is green.
Hold your quartz crystal in your left hand and breathe your intention into it. Raphael’s stone is quartz crystal as well as diamonds.
Don’t overthink this. Just follow your intuition, as long as you do something. I always say, ‘nothing from nothing’.
Quartz amplifies the energy of our thoughts and prayers.

I truly hope that this brings a little calm and peace into your day and life.
I’ll be in my shop this Saturday for any things that you may need.

I know that I can’t be open, but if you may need something we can arrange this to happen.
Ring me at 860-649-9941

I’m also just an email away for other arrangements.

 I can’t wait to see everyone again .
Our greatest strength is LOVE !
Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and first responders, grocery stores etc. and all the teams helping as we all get through this.

Big hugs,