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Sending out Positive Vibes of Love, Light, and Hope

Together, as we all pray for Hope and Healing, feel it in your heart and know it for sure that our thoughts and prayers are heard and soon will be answered.
That’s the power of intention.
 Feeling and knowing…
Then, trusting it.
I miss everyone and know that we will be together soon- laughing and sharing stories.
Tomorrow is Tuesday, April 7.
 It’s a full moon, super moon; Also 7 is God’s number.
The moon is in the sign of Libra, which is a kind, loving, and uplifting energy. As we are seeing in so many creative and thoughtful people sharing their talents.
Don’t forget to place all of your crystals outside to charge and cleanse them.
Also, write down the ten things that you need to get rid of and let go out of your thoughts and body.
Write ten things down on your paper using blue ink, fold toward you three times, light a candle, then ignite your paper in the flame and do not revisit. Completely release and let it go.
Know in your heart that when you completely let go…
Many incredible things happen.
I’m here for you, always, even though I can’t be open I can send you out any merchandise or tools that you may need: gifts, cards for a birthday, etc.
Just email me at
Hugs and health,