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Northbound on the Margarita, Happy Memorial Day !

 Ed and I are in route traveling back to our home port, Mystic

We got a late start do to when we arrived at our boat sat night, May 25.
I said Ed, the canvas top is not done.
The men had to refit  the canvas so they took it back to there business, unknown to us we thought it was all set.

Ed said, Meg let’s get some food and you can Tex Gustavo to see what is going on.
I’m not worried, let’s go enjoy ourselves.
The next morning I called Gustavo and he promised us, no worries he will have three of his men finish the job. He was very sympathetic to me and such a gentleman explaining he didn’t know we were leaving.

Wow, they worked all day on the top in the 90 degree heat, on a Sunday and a Memorial Day weekend just so we could get on way.

Amazing, awesome and so grateful I will highly recommend his company, as well as the work came out beautiful.
With no bitching at all, just worked at the job diligently.

We go on way Memorial Day!

Wow, it was awesome seeing so many people all along Florida’s waterway have a blast, it was a ten.

I never tire of looking at all these beautiful homes on ICW, it was wild thou, one glass mic mansion had a sports car in their living room. Most people have grand pianos.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I started cracking up, it must be what he made his wealth with.

The first night Ed and I made it to Vero beach where we anchored out among the stars and watched the fire ball go down, made a great dinner and enjoyed it in the cockpit.

Day 2. We were on way again, dolphins, dolphins, and more dolphins…
Love it !

We had to fuel up in Titusville, OMG, while we were fueling up and the love bugs came out in full force, I had no idea what they were, just  know they are called , love bugs.
I remember when we rented a car in Florida and they told us that we are responsible for the car paint if the love bugs hit the car.
I asked girlfriend, Lorraine, who is a bug professor at Uconn, what’s a love bug and she said, their is no such thing.
Well I guess they are here now and in the spring in Florida they are in full force.
I know that they don’t bite, they just mate and die, and they eat your car paint and they love fuel too.

I guess the government of Florida created them to fight the misquote problem, which didn’t work and now they have love bugs.
Two weeks ago it was way, way worse as we were told.

Ed said, let’s get out of here, we got on way again and Ed said, we have to wash this boat, let’s go to a marina.

So we decided to go to New Smyrna and get a slip.

We checked out this town, got some food and decided to go on the outside .
The inlet getting out was short and the seas were good for the run.
It’s a ten hour run.

We got ready to get off the dock and as I went to help Ed with the power cord, he said, meg the dock hand had it dropped between the metal piling and the dock, which was rusted steel on all parts, rubbing against our power chord .

Thank god it didn’t start a fire.
Ed got a huge metal pipe off of the boat as I slowly pulled it out of the jammed in dock.

I really don’t know why they don’t train dock hands at marinas.
Just another lesson for us, check some one else’s work, always.

We are off shore and it’s a ten, prayers it continues like this, we saw a huge sea turtle directly in front of our boat.

I was psyched, Bert form our marina just called me and when I hung up the phone,
The huge turtle presented itself.
Continue the prayers for calm seas.
I love it.
Enjoy the pics.
Sea you soon,
Meg and Ed