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August 12, 2018

My mom loved to spend her time in Watch Hill, RI and at
the beach.
My mom and dad bought a house down there and loved to
spend time there every weekend.
Ed and I were cruising on our boat this past Sunday
just past the Watch Hill, RI lighthouse.
I was thinking about how much time I spent with my mom
on that beach, all great memories, shopping and going to

dinner with her every Monday…
Then a beautiful monarch butterfly started to flutter all around us, and near me.
I said, “Ed did you see that… Wow, unreal”.
As we watched it flying with us, she decided to spin around and land on our boat as we
were traveling in the same direction. It held on to the bolt under the wind shield.

I was so blown away with this; she hung on for over an hour.
I wanted to go swimming, so as we approached an area called, Rams Island.
She said, “thanks Ed, I always loved when you brought me for a short ride on your
I know how much we all Love the ocean…
It feeds our soul…
Wow, it was so special and I loved the visit…
The signs are all around us, if you just pay attention…
You know what I’m talking about…

Love you,