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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!
To all the ladies in our world,

Know you are Strong, Confident, Creative,
Passionate, Smart and Compassionate.
Know these are your gifts and blessings from your
family tree.
The Wisdom Keepers,
The Gardeners,
The Healers,
I could go on and on…
Know Mother’s Day is really special day to
celebrate your mom,
the one that kept your family tree strong.
If she is with us or on the other side of the veil,
Just Celebrate, MOM!
Light a candle in her memory, plant her special
flower, go to her special place and say, Thank You
for making your life special.
She will hear you…
They always do…
To my mom, Dorothy (Dot)
I still hear you laughing and I always will…
You taught me well.

Love you,