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Sound Vibrational Energy

Meg’s is proud to host:

Sound Vibrational Energy
using Tibetan Singing Bowls
with Terry Nicholas RN, BSN


Energy Therapy Practitioner ~ Sound Vibrational Energy Practitioner
August 17th
$75.00 per hour (appointment required)

What is Vibrational Energy?

Everything in the Universe vibrates, each at its own rate. Living organisms have an optimal vibration. When this optimal vibration is changed, the functioning of the organism goes awry.
Tibetan Singing Bowls are made of seven different metals, each metal vibrating at its own rate. Singing bowls, therefore, produce several different tones from different vibratory materials.
These vibrations, when felt by a person, stimulate the cells and help them to vibrate at their optimal level. The vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls affect the body at a cellular level, and can
aid in healing the physical and spiritual bodies.


Uses of Tibetan Singing Bowls:
▪ Determine the status of a person’s energy field.
▪ Strengthen a person’s energetic being.
▪ Break up muscle spasms, stress and tension, soothing the body.
▪ Reduce pain.
▪ Relieve anxiety and depression.
▪ Aid in meditation and relaxation.
▪ Help to focus and clarify the mind
▪ Help to ground a person.
▪ Induce a sense of well-being, peace and harmony.