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Sea and Stars

Ed and I went away for the weekend to the keys and had a blast…
A quick and fun getaway..

I always wanted a hammock at this shop in the keys and when we walked in,
I jumped on the hammock and explained to Ed I think this would be cool to get this.

He said, I don’t think so Meg.

But take a look at this…
It was a huge swing for our yard made out of cedar , had a shape of a Viking ship and it was really nice.
He said, what do you think, I said yes, this is really beautiful.
Mean while the young lady working in the hammock shop was explaining how this is made and what colors that we could get ect.

Well we purchased it..while writing up the sale I noticed a book that she was reading.
I said, your reading about, arch angel Raphael?

Well she got soo excited and explained to me , how much she loves angels and that she lived in Costa Rica and takes people on retreats and so on.
Here is my card and my name is Sea Star…
That’s when Ed said,
 I’l meet you outside…
we continued talking and cracking up together.
I mentioned to her that I communicate daily with arch angel Raphael, and about my shop what we do there.
She wants to come join us in our tribe.
She said, here is my card and it’s so nice to meet you.
I love all of your crystals, and I said, I love all of yours.
She said, well I was suppose to be at the Tuson gem show this week.

When we’re leaving key west driving back to marathon,
Ed said to me, what was that girls name, starfish or something, where do you get a name like that?
I just started cracking up.
I hope that we get our purchase the way you two were talking,
What took you so long to get out of that shop,
Did you buy that turtle?

I just laughed.
Well we got home and back to reality at work yesterday.

I clicked on my answering machine in the morning and a voice came on,
Meg this is Sea star,
Please call me , I really need to talk to you,
It’s important I have to tell you what happened to me after you and your husband left the shop.

Well At the end of the day I picked the phone and
I rang her.
She  was so happy  to talk with me.
She said, after Ed and I left the shop
all of the lights went out in the store, I cracked up so loud…
Then she said and your husband is an electrician…
It was just so funny to me.

Then she mentioned to me after you left every single person who walked into the shop purchased something,
that never happened to her, ever…

 I was so happy  just meeting both of you that day…
I really cracked up.

I explained to her that I communicate also with Abundtia, and lakshmie as well…as Kwan yin.
Omg, I was laughing so hard.
That’s when I asked her,
How did you ever get a name like , Sea Star?

She said, well I love the sea and the stars and while living in Costa Rica I just felt like I was a mermaid when I was in the ocean.
It was just too funny.

She said she was crying and really upset with herself all day and didn’t know what to do…
She knew that it was a supper full moon and all that but it must be more then just that,  on and on talking to me.
Asking me what can I do to shack this emotion and feelings on and on.

She had a little incident with her boyfriend and she was beating herself up all day over it.
What can I do?
I explained to her the best remedy for that situation  is to get your pen and paper out and write, write, write and write.
Release the situation and emotion about the event that you had.
Burn it,
under this amazing full moon.
Don’t revisit it and let it go, girlfriend.
Sea Star was so grateful that I rang her back.

I was so grateful to have met her as well.

You never know how you can touch another persons soul.
With just a phone call back…
No matter,
How busy one is…
The human voice is so healing…
Try it,
Ring a friend ,
just to say hello.
Leave your voice on the phone so they can here your voice on the other end.