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On the Journey Again

Hi everyone,

 Thanks for all of your kind words and thoughtful prayers to get the margarita southbound again.

Ed and I bought all of the cleaning supplies to tackle the mess of our engine room.
I told Ed that our tyvec suites were our Halloween costume.

The fire extinguisher made a real mess do to it was triggered do to the heat that was detected in the exhaust hose.

Thank god the burning was inside of the exhaust hose, which didn’t burn any wires or anything.

It was just a real mess, black suite all over everything.

Ed put his mind to it and got the huge 4 foot hose off with a lot of muscle, patience, persistence and determination.

He ordered a 12 foot hose and had it cut down to the length he needed and he is going to put the other piece on the starboard engine at another Time.

We truly learned a lot about this, which we both were  amazed at.

Ed cleaned the hose clamps that were on the previous hose which were 8 3/4 inches,
When he got the new hose the hose was 1/4 inch thicker and the clamps were too small.

After Ed thought and thought and thought some more he modified the clamps so they would reach around the hose which is 8 inches.

Omg, the cat guy that delivered the hose couldn’t believe what Ed was doing,
He was really, really, really slow to use his imagination.
I just cracked up inside because I knew what Ed was doing.
They don’t call him mickgivor for nothing.
He had all of his tools everywhere, uknow how fast he works when he has to get a job done, stay out of his way.

Then he says,  Meg, find a way to return the rental car, we are out of here first thing in the morning.
We have to get off this dock… And get on way…

I had asked Anna, the women that runs the Marina if she would be kind enough to follow me to enterprise.
There is no uber  here it’s 45 minutes out, we are out here…

Anna was wonderful, she even brought me to her home to show me the cool pieces that she picked up while walking the beach in front of her home.

I mean wicked cool pieces of glass, poetry pieces from pirate ships and Spanish pieces.
It was really cool.

Ed and I had a great time thou in between cleaning driving around this entire area,
Really interesting sights that we went to, which I loved.

The lost colony, 
Elizabeth gardens,
writesville  brothers monument,
and drove down the OBX and walked out and saw the wild surf at hatteres it was unreal.
Popped in to a cool spot for food and the Canadians were filming and writing the events of the wind sailing, what a sport to watch, the wind was whipping and these kites are huge, like bat wings, they get up to 35 miles an hour, really something to see. They were there for two weeks shooting.

The crab down here is off the charts delicious.
Lump crab,sooo good.

Well we still have to purchase this monster fire extinguisher that is hooked up to the system in the boat.
Ed just purchased two large ones to have on board.

It’s 70 degrees out and the wind is calm, seas are beautiful.
Prayers it stays that way.
We are heading to Moorehead city.

Happy Halloween!