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We are safe!

Ed and I had a rough ride on the crazy Chesapeake yesterday, 
But we got through it and we tide up to a marina, fueled up, washed all of the salt off the boat and filled the tanks with water.
Went out for some food and left this morning at 6:30,
We are southbound in north River.

I made us on way some nachos along with guacamole,
We were cruising along and it was gorgeous out…
Behind us is a boat called la scappa.

We have been cruising with them back and fourth all day talking on the radio ect.
I was in the pilot house and Ed was up top and the boat was cruising along beautifully.

Then I heard an explosion scared the shit out of me.

Ed’s saying,  what was that he didn’t here it as loud as I did, do to he is up top and he has only one ear.

La scappa was hailing us in the radio asking margarita are you guys alright, come back 
The back of your boat is pouring black smoke out, 
Do you have a fire?

I didn’t want Ed to go down in the engine room,
As he opened the hatch the smell was horrific,
Dark black smoke was pouring out is the engine room.

We opened all of the doors to air the boat out and we grabbed the fire extiquisher,
Thank god the engine room wasn’t on fire,
Which I thought it was.

I was so scared, but grateful la scappa was following us.

He was so concerned and pulled up to us to making  sure we were all right.
Ed was shook up as well as myself…
We explained to him were ok , just a little I was shook up ….

Next the coast guard hailed us on the radio ,
They had a report of fire on a vessel which is margarita,
Are you in destress?

what is our position
Do we have boat us, 
and how many people on board, ect, ect.

We dropped the anchors and tried to get our bearings,
Then Ed went down in the engine room.

The exhaust hose blew a monster hole in the port engine and the fire extinguisher released, black soot covered the entire engine room as well as the stern of the boat.

Ed and I spent three days cleaning the engines before we left for this trip.
La  scappa, said to Ed this happened to him on his boat and it’s a huge mess down there to clean up.

He hung out with us and asked if he could do anything and he was so great,
A guy just like Ed, very informative , kind and knowledgable and calming to us.

Ed explained to him that he was going to fire up the starboard engine and limp the boat into a dock which is off the alligator river.

Well that’s what we did,

Ed called the caterpillar mechanic and I guess we our really out in no where,
We are safe and I am happy that we didn’t have a fire on board, which I thought happened.

We are at alligator marina in Tyrell country, North Carolina, Columbia , NC.
We called the mechanic and he will see when he can get to us,
We rented a rental car tomorrow, which is 35 miles away,
We are out here in no where, no where and no where.
We are inland from the outer banks,

But we are safe and no fire,
And I am grateful,
We have a beautiful view out into alligator River,
And the sun is beautiful,

We will keep you posted.
My birthday is nov 3,
Our 30 year wedding anniversary is nov 7
This is our journey and,
Like I said before,

It’s always an Adventure!
Love and hug