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Southbound on the Margarita

Hi everyone,
Having an amazing journey,when we left mystic river marina we cruised the entire Long Island sound in glass,
sunny skies, for October 21, 2017
really amazing weather  we have been having for the month of late October.

Ed was hungry so I decided to make some pasta salad and as I just was tossing it together in our big windows I see flashing blue lights, 
I thought that I was imagining things,
But no ,

The coast guard wanted to board our vessel,
Wow, an amazing crew of hard bodies, young and on a mission,
I explained to them you just did our inspection at sandy hook, NJ, in May …..

Well do you have the papers?
We retrieved them and we were all set, 
Then they said, we love your boat, it’s so beautiful, I replied, thank you….

When I told Ed what they said to us, he replied 
” I think they just want to look at the inside of our boat ” 

I cracked up….
Well we were off again…
We entered the East  River, NY
My favorite ride and you have just entered energy of the new state of mind, my kind of people…

Let’s rock and roll,
Just ahead of us was tug pushing nine barges carrying stones taking up the entire river,
As we approached hells gate which the water is boiling at this point and pushing us 3 more knots which we love but not behind a tug with nine barges, and on the other side a huge ship traveling against the tide, going extremely slow do to the current…

I told Ed , just try to keep you distance, which is very crazy when the river has no mercy for a boat.

Well, when the ship slowly pasted us Ed made his move to pass this huge barge and we were cruising again…

Then we entered the Hudson River it was wild, just like the city is water taxis traveling back and fourth packed with people, tour boats going every which way, helicopters zipping up and down.
Day trippers on their boats zipping around, it NY and I love it…
Then approaching the shipping lane with the monster container ships from Singapore, Taiwan , England, you name it you saw it tons and tons  of them,anchored out , traveling cruising it’s wild and every which way the world is on the move.
We love to consume..

I just just wanted to take pictures of our Statue of Liberty and Ed yelling at me,

Don’t you have enough of those pictures ?
No, I love this view it blows your mind being so close to our Statue of Liberty , it still takes my Breath away every time he bring me through this area….
Meg, please 
Just help me with where is the next marker, 
Too much confusion,
A lot of traffic .
I just think that I am a New Yorker , I love the energy,
I can feel it even on the boat just passing throu…
Even though I always get Yelled at to pay attention ,
It’s hard because, I love NY and I always will…
Traveled this day 120 miles, 12 hours.

Day 2, October 22, 2017

We anchored out at Sandy hook our really cool spot..
Got up and headed out to the New Jersey shores 

The fire ball was unreal, just magical and the run down the NJ shores was spectacular.
I’m making eggs and Ed yells out , Meg , a huge whale just shot straight out if the ocean and breached directly in front of our boat !

I was so mad that I was cooking I went up on the bridge and I was happy to see the whale  blow and slap it’s tale, but missed the huge breach that Ed saw.

What a sight, Ed never stopped telling me  about what he saw and I was bumped.
Oh well, it was for him and his message and not for me at this time.

We arrived at Utsch Marina,in cape may at 5:00 pm.
We needed to fuel up, 
we were running on empty, 
but it was worth it,
I like to go and Ed is more conservative.. With fuel…

The owner was really cool, yes he has lived here in cape may his entire life and gifted us with a bag of home made soap, cookies ect. A really  nice welcoming package.
Ed and I went out for some food and had great time local caught fish.

October 22, 2017

Heading across the Delaware bay the skies got a little black and they were saying a nor’easter may come so we drove the entire day but I wanted to be at a dock if a nor’easter hits, so we pushed on and the Angels were with us.

We pulled Into Annapolis yaught basin and tide the boat up, I love this place and I was psyched to be her, it’s a really cool town, a town a fantastic sailing community as well as the navy academy is here and harbor is just so beautiful.

we went out for  food and as we were walking around the Marina with 90 ft boats plus,
They were rocking and rolling like toys 
Do to the. Weather .

We came back to the boat and the water was all over the streets and the wind was howling.
Ed and I got the huge boards out as well as our  bumpers and fastened down our boat,
I said, it’s squeaking like crazy, rubbing and I don’t like that noise…

Ed said, get me some dawn….
He applied it to all of the dry boards and like magic , gone…
I now he does magic as well…

We went to sleep and Ed sleeping like a rock,
Me on the other hand is saying, I wonder how fast that wind is really ripping, so when I got up,
It was 35 miles an hour on our gauge in our boat, so I went outside ! yes it was wild and crazy..
Which I think CT is getting now.

Woke up to 74 degrees sunny skies and amazing and beautiful day, 
Heading to see our friend in Virginia tomorrow….
Journey on  and safe travels,
Remember , 
No Reservations !

Meg and Ed