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Mrs. Fox

Well this morning was amazing, as I sit and meditate looking out our back yard in thoughts of today.

Wow, wow, wow, Mr. Fox strutted her self across our yard, I jumped up and just took it all in.
Her beautiful red fur, the strength of her body, strutting across the yard with her proud attitude of knowing she is a survivor and strong.  She stopped in front of our birch trees where she marked her territory.
Her tail straight out, which allows her to run straight and fast like the rudder of a ship.

My message:  Family, Survival, Voice.
Also foxes philosophy,”The universe will always provide,”
How blessed am I to receive this powerful totem today, knowing that Mother Nature always shows us the way.  That’s  if we just take a moment to sit, wait, and listen.  Yesterday morning our bluebirds were every where, there beautiful color of tanzanite blue, will take your breath away.  They were all over, landing in there houses that we made for them, checking and making sure that all is well and every thing is in place for there return.

Watch for the signs,

They are all around us.