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For Birthday Meg

For  birthday Meg,
Love, Mom and Dad

Well this is unreal, Ed and I arrived in ft. Lauderdale and went to the boat show all day.
We left ct at 6:00am and went directly to the show when we got here.  After the show we were both really tired and decided just to go to Jimbos, which is on the ICW, in Dania, which we know is a lot of fun and the food is good.

Well, when we were leaving the band was just so awesome I didn’t want to leave.
Dancing past them And loving it, we were waiting for valet to get our car the band members announced we have two very special people in the audience who are two different people celebrating there birthdays tonight.  Let’s sing them happy birthday.  
Their names are Rudy and Dorothy. Wow, wow, wow. 
I almost stopped in my tracks and said,
“Ed, did you hear that?  
“Rudy and Dorothy !”

It’s my birthday and we were just talking about my parents over dinner.
How blessed am I to receive a birthday message like that?
I loved it, I loved it I ,I loved it.

Your loving daughter,