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Cat Scratch Fever

September 17, 2012

I sat at our kitchen counter writing out a card to my angelic husband, Ed, for his birthday. Sambucca was sitting next to me, when all of a sudden she started going crazy scratching the window. She was on her hind legs hissing and just going wacko, clawing the glass. I looked out the window, thinking that she was looking at our birds. Much to my surprise a gorgeous calico grey kitten was perched on our windowsill, still staring into our kitchen! Sambucca continued to go crazy. That is when she turned towards me and continued scratching, but now on my face and neck! My nerves were frightened about the scratch through my eyelid and throat. I quickly grabbed the peroxide and applied pressure to stop the bleeding, praying to Raphael to help and to heal. Through the grace of god I slowed the bleeding and kept just praying that it was all gonna be alright. No worries. It was an accident. I know how possessive, jealous, and protective my cat is over me and her sacred space, but who would believe this?

After getting my mojo back up, motivated to go on with my day, I started cleaning my car. I took the bag of garbage from my car to the trash cans in our yard, to see two twin baby fawns standing right there, staring right at me. WOW! It took my breath away. I stood there in surprise, taking in the message I was being sent, thanking my guide.
“I heard. You take my breath away, your beauty and grace… how blessed am I? You came when I needed you, and I truly was surprised!”
The twin fawns just stared into my eyes. One started to walk slowly towards me, and I felt as if she knew how in pain I was, alone and a little worried if this scratch by Sambucca would heal and mend with no worries. That’s when a HUGE Kestrel came from behind the baby fawn and flew very low past me. My eyes were in awe of this moment. This moment that was much needed. Mother Nature, God, and my guides truly take care of me when I need to stop and take care of myself. They show me, “You are not alone, Meg. Just know this, trust and believe and you will be taken care of always.”
Well I knew that I needed to write and I guess this message forced me to sit down and do it. Thank you for my many totems to help me to heal my wounds and worries!



Click the photo below for a larger image of the American Kestrel.